The Opolo Hardware Wallet Becomes The New BPSAA Partner


The BPSAA is excited to officially announce it’s newest partner, Opolo. It is the latest and one of the most exciting partnerships for the BPSAA. Not least because of the interoperability opportunities it brings.

Opolo is primed to be the most secure hardware wallet in crypto, allowing users to safely store their funds on their custom hardware.

The partnership means that over time, Opolo (along with the assistance of developers from the BPSAA) will be adding all of the members coins/tokens to the hardware wallet. This is a big leap forward for extra security, as a hardware wallet is a fantastic way to securely store cryptocurrency funds.

Amongst other things the Opolo Cosmos hardware wallet features the following:

  • World’s Highest Security Certified Chip, EAL6+
  • 100% Offline Operation
  • 120+ Coins
  • 200,000+ Tokens
  • Crypto/Fiat Exchange
  • Password Manager

Join us in welcoming Opolo to the BPSAA family.






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  1. drin pinter says:

    good project

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