Smart Contracts P1 – The BPSAA Podcast

Smart Contracts - Alternatives to Ethereum

The BPSAA follows up its first podcast with a new theme “Smart Contracts – What are the alternatives to Ethereum?”. As this subject is in popular demand, this is the first part with the second part coming next month.

This month’s podcast features a special guest: LickaNutella from Tokel Platform, a token and NFT creation tool. BPSAA members Ohager from Signum and Greywolf from the TurtleNetwork appear alongside host +dreamTim (Pirate Chain/BPSAA/Tokel).

Key topics discussed

1️⃣What are smart contracts?
2️⃣ What are some examples smart contracts of what smart contract do?
3️⃣ Can Smart Contracts Be Trusted?
4️⃣ What are gas fees?
5️⃣ Why are smart contracts important for decentralized finance?
+ Bonus question: How are new tokenization platforms improving on Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain?

Answers to all of the above and more from a team of specialists in blockchain technology.

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BPSAA Podcast

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