Risk Mitigation

The BPSAA speaks on Risk Mitigation within projects and in daily crypto life, in terms of importance, why it’s necessary and steps you can take to limit your/a project’s exposure..

This month’s podcast features special guests from the ERGO Platform, ETHO Protocol, Dragon Chain and Polarity.Exchange, as well as a special appearance by BPSAA Founder & President Draeth, who was also the host of this event.


🎤 Allan – ETHO Protocol
🎤 Armeanio – ERGO Platform
🎤 Cryptader – Conceal Network
🎤 Wolf – Polarity.Exchange
🎤 Draeth – Pirate Chain/BPSAA

Key topics discussed

1️⃣ ETHO Protocol’s
2️⃣ Decentralization
3️⃣ Risks projects and individuals face in blockchain
4️⃣ Analyzing and Removing Unnecessary Risk

Discussions on all of the above and more from a team of specialists in blockchain technology.

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