Smart Contracts – Alternatives to Ethereum (Part 2)

BPSAA Smart Contracts pt2

The BPSAA follows up its second podcast with the theme “Smart Contracts – What are the alternatives to Ethereum?” with a second instalment featuring another exciting lineup of guests.

This month’s podcast features special guests from the ERGO Platform and ETHO Protocol as well as a special appearance by BPSAA Vice President Wookie. +dreamTim (Pirate Chain/BPSAA/Tokel) was the host of this event.


🎤 Allan – ETHO Protocol
🎤 Armeanio – ERGO Platform
🎤 Wookie – Pirate Chain/BPSAA

Key topics discussed

1️⃣ What are the benefits of using existing smart contract blockchains?
2️⃣ Are Smart Contracts Legally Binding?
3️⃣ Are Smart Contracts Susceptible to Regulatory Oversight?
4️⃣ Who Guarantees the Accuracy of a Smart Contract?
5️⃣ Are There Auditing Entities for Smart Contracts?
+ Bonus question: How are new tokenization platforms improving on Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain?

Answers to all of the above and more from a team of specialists in blockchain technology.

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