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Sentinel Dvpn is a multi-protocol network where users, as well as applications, can access a globally distributed services and resources marketplace. Sentinel is built upon a decentralized global infrastructure with excellent pseudonymity, immutability, and global consensus, making it the perfect solution at the transaction & data layer.

The Projects Network consists of various services built upon a distributed resources protocol layer. Sentinel’s decentralized Virtual Private Network (dVPN) is our flagship product developed to enable users to mask their Internet traffic via a collection of high-bandwidth nodes. Utilizing their on-chain, inbuilt ‘Token Swap’ feature, you can purchase $SENT tokens privately to access any service on the Sentinel network.

This BPSAA projects network allows anyone to become a resource node by selling their unutilized computing resources in the marketplace. Currently, Resource Nodes can earn the native $SENT token in return for contributing network bandwidth and other resources by hosting a Service Node for the dVPN Service. Each Service on TenderMint is a Zone and needs its own network of Service Nodes, Validators, as well as other nodes that power a Service. These nodes require Resources that will be exchanged in a Distributed Resource Exchange by Sentinel.

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Pseudonymity, Immutability and Global Consensus



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Cosmos (Main Net Migration Soon)


Resource Nodes, Swixer Swap Mixer

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