Road Map

Note: Additional features and integrations will be added to the roadmap as developments occur and new alliance members added.

Quarter 1, 2020

Alliance Formation
Alliance Onboarding
Social Media Setup
Official Public Announcment
Sentinel dVPN integration into PirateOS
Alliance Gateways to Turtle Network

Quarter 2, 2020

Sentinel Node Integration into GalleonOS
Custom Alliance Discord Tipbot
Adding an additional Alliance Member
BPSAA Wallet

Quarter 3, 2020

Point of Sale System Alpha Development
Custom Alliance Telegram Tipbot
Ether-1 Integration into GalleonOS
Adding an Additional Alliance Member
Member integration into Ergo Dex
BPSAA Wallet Integration into Pirate OS
BPSAA Communications Ring

Quarter 4, 2020

Point of Sale Rollout into Caymans
Adding an Additional Alliance Member