Partners & Sponsors

BPSAA Partners & Sponsors

This is the list of current BPSAA Partners & Sponsors.


The primary business model employed by CryptoBrokers is strategic refactoring and interoperability on the backend, with a foreground focus in all products, targeted at retail users and investors. CryptoBrokers has a deep passion, for finding technical frameworks which have not been properly utilized, and capitalizes on the deficit of adoption and use case. As quick as we are to credit our source, we are just as quick to tout the benefits we offer over the competitors in the space.

The secondary business model employed is financial service providing, and facilitation of upcoming decentralized marketplaces. This includes but is not limited to our work with Gateway Deployment Services, or Strategic Investments in the underlying technical solutions which are combined to create our product ecosystem.


CyrptoRadio is a cryptocurrency radio show that has done hundreds of interviews over the course of 6 years. Informative and asking hard hitting questions, CryptoRadio has done interviews with projects such as Komodo, Pirate Chain, Turtle Network, Qortal and many other big projects, even personalities like John McAffee. 


Coinranking provides independent data of all digital assets, to millions of people worldwide, through its website, Telegram Bot and public API. The data of the Dutch price tracker contains current prices, price history, trade information, and much more!

Coinranking believes the world will see millions, even billions of digital assets used by all industries.
Their goal is to make these assets accessible to everyone, by providing products and features based on both simplicity and performance. Adding all digital assets to its platform, soon the non-fungible tokens, also serves that goal.


Cryptocurrency Checkout is a Shopping Cart and Payment Gateway platform designed to ease payment friction by using cryptocurrencies. We believe in the original intent of crypto: no third party should control your funds, your coins, or your keys. For this reason, our platform keeps every transaction Fully Decentralized, and Directly Peer to Peer. Meaning your customers pay directly from their wallets, to yours, with no middleman handling your funds or charging fees.

Now you can start accepting cryptocurrencies on your website effortlessly with easy to install open source plugins, or simple copy and paste installation scripts. We have plugins for many major e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Bigcommerce, Woocommerce and WHMCS. We also offer a Donation System for and Youtube streamers, and Donation Links for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. With our new Invoicing Platform, you can seamlessly generate and email to customers an invoice with built-in payment links. You have over 40 cryptocurrency options to choose from, with more options added every month. Best of all, we never charge stores or customers any transaction fees.


Human Action

A libertarian & cryptocurrency apparel company. Spreading a message of non-aggression, non-aggressively. We promote all things privacy, free markets, sound money and voluntaryism. check us out at


Physical Crypto Coins

Founded in March of 2019, Physical Crypto Coins (or PCC for short) is a store that produces physical 1.5″ custom coins for crypto projects with a unique way of helping projects getting them produced. Once a design for the coin has been approved by the project team and it’s community, the coin is put up for pre-sale for everyone to purchase. Once a specified number of coins are pre-ordered, they go into production and then shipped world wide for free.

PCC has been recognized by over a dozen communities for making quality commemorative coins, and also has a membership program for collectors, which automatically ships every newly made coin to each member.



Opolo is poised to be the most secure hardware wallet manufacturer in the market, with EAL Certifications are the go-to security certifications for hardware wallets. Most of the best wallets fall in between EAL1-5. OPOLO stores your crypto assets offline with an EAL 6+ rated secure chip. In addition, they have made it ultra easy for even the most novice users, with the ability to use their wallet system on mobile and pc/mac!


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