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CryptoBrokers OU is the main operational entity to a growing list of crypto-currency centered business solutions. Projects within this ecosystem to date include but are not limited to:

Telex AI (
ArcaneLabs (
TelexPRO (In Development, previews on
Derby Horses (Unreal engine, NFT algorithmic generated horses, betting.)
4-Eyez-KYC (Private for White Label Solutions)
Pirate.Black Point of Sale System (Public Payment Processor Solution)

The primary business model employed by CryptoBrokers OU is strategic refactoring and interoperability on the backend, with a foreground focus in all products, targeted at retail users and investors. CryptoBrokers has a deep passion, for finding technical frameworks which have not been properly utilized, and capitalizes on the deficit of adoption and use case. As quick as we are to credit our source, we are just as quick to tout the benefits we offer over the competitors in the space.

The secondary business model employed is financial service providing, and facilitation of upcoming decentralized marketplaces. This includes but is not limited to our work with Gateway Deployment Services, or Strategic Investments in the underlying technical solutions which are combined to create our product ecosystem.


CyrptoRadio is a cryptocurrency radio show that has done hundreds of interviews over the course of 6 years. Informative and asking hard hitting questions, CryptoRadio has done interviews with projects such as Komodo, Pirate Chain, Turtle Network, Qortal and many other big projects, even personalities like John McAffee.