Quarterly Update (Q2 2020)

What a busy second quarter to the year this has been! The BPSAA has been moving at lighting speed to bring together valuable projects that can collaborate to produce technologies of the future.

There were many significant advancements in the life of the organization during this period, from new member announcements, to new interoperability projects and a new direction. So we summarized the most exciting events in the second quarter of 2020 for you.

ERGO Joins the Alliance

ERGO is an advanced DeFi platform with powerful, but safe smart contracts utilizing Sigma protocols. They enable flexible and highly adaptable applications out of the box.

The ERGO team has a variety of blockchain researchers, developers and a supporting community. The ERGO blockchain is based on Sigma protocols and utilizes zero knowledge proofs. They also feature ring signature and threshold signature functionalities.

Exciting New Partners

Over a short period of time the BPSAA welcomed 3 new partners.

CryptoCurrencyCheckout is a leading payment gateway for the cryptocurrency industry. It is uniquely offering non-custodial cryptocurrency payment services for most eCommerce platforms. The CCC payment gateway is simple to use and free for consumers.

Human Action is a well known merchandise retailer with a strong stance on privacy and personal freedoms. The partnership with the BPSAA will create merchandise for the Alliance and it’s members.

Coinranking needs little introduction. An established information website with a great interface and everything you need to develop a crypto investment portfolio. Coinranking apart from it’s listings also helps to widen the social media reach of the BPSAA.

Huge Boost in Social Media Reach

Whilst the alliance begun with less than 10,000 combined followers in social media in only 6 months in existence it has increased to over 70,000 followers across all it’s members accounts. This gives the BPSAA a much more serious voice in social media, representing the projects and their values. And much more are coming soon.

BPSAA to Become a Non-Profit Organization

Planning and preparation is under way to establish the BPSAA as a non-profit organization dedicated to its vision. A lot of work has already been done on the incorporation as well as fundraising for help with legal costs. The BPSAA aims to apply for funds through the non-profit organization, which it will redistribute to it’s members and other interested parties in order to create interoperability, security and privacy in the blockchain space.

BPSAA Interview with Crypto Rich

In these two videos Crypto Rich catches up with Pirate Chain Captain Draeth. In the interview Draeth gives an in-depth update on what is happening with the BPSAA. This incorporates the other members: Pirate Chain, Sentinel, Turtle Network, Ether1 and Ergo.

Part 1: https://bittube.tv/post/438fdeba-a4be-4b51-9273-8cf57b886ac2

Part 2: https://bittube.tv/post/bb781ad9-8412-487b-b803-a93cf07aa4ed

BPSAA Wallet in Progress

Exciting news as one of the first interoperability projects will feature a wallet for all members of the BPSAA. This is a project under current development and we hope to bring you more news about it soon.

BPSAA Public Open Discussion Bridge

Work is under way to create a bot that connects a variety of social platforms of all participating members as well as social media properties of the BPSAA.

The bridge is being developed for two main purposes:

  • To enable the general public to interact with the organization
  • To create a bridge of discussion that leads to ideas sharing and collaboration for all participating members.

Progress Made for dVPN & Pirate OS

BPSAA member Sentinel has made further progress in the development of their dVPN technology that is going to power the forthcoming Pirate OS. This is a very important development but only one part of the Pirate OS, which aims to feature technologies from all BPSAA members.

New Members Evaluations

The BPSAA has been busy evaluating project that will add value to the organisation and meet its criteria and shared vision. This is an ongoing process that takes considerable amount of time, as many blockchain projects do not have proprietary technologies that can aid with the BPSAA goals. However, one such project is currently in a trial phase, and an announcement will be made about which project it is once the phase is completed and the project becomes a member.

Stay tuned for more developments in the near future and tag #blockchainalliance in your socials.

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  1. Kevin Pira says:

    This is remarkable progress for a very important organization in the industry. Keep up the great work!

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