New Partnerships: Cryptocurrency Checkout & Human Action

2 new partnerships have been formed in short succession: Cryptocurrency Checkout and Human Action. Both newly added partners are renowned for the work they do in their fields.

Cryptocurrency Checkout brings the BPSAA a payment gateway

Cryptocurrency Checkout is a growing player in the payment gateway industry for crypto. Offering non-custodial crypto payment services for a multitude of different platforms, their gateway is not only simple to use, but free for people to use. Whether it’s WooCommerce, Shopify, Twitter, Twitch or the many other integrations, Store Owners, Streamers and Inernet Personalities can accept crypto payments and donations through Cryptocurrency Checkout. Through this partnership, they will be adding the members of the BPSAA’s coins and tokens to their expanding selection of payment options for their users.

Human Action brings high quality BPSAA merch

Human Action, widely known for their quality merchandise and thier stance on privacy and freedoms, has partnered with the BPSAA to create merchandise for not only the BPSAA, but all of it’s members as well. The members of the BPSAA are esctatic over having a line of merchandise to expand their name recognition, especially since it will be produced through Human Action. Be on the lookout for BPSAA branded merch, as well as branded merch for each of our members!


2 Responses

  1. Nour says:

    Good job BPSAA! I am looking forward to seeing all the BPSAA on TurtleNetwork Dex.

  2. Rod lee says:

    This is interesting solution , we can find ways to work together with two communities

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