BPSAA Official Launch

Pirate Chain, Turtle Network, Sentinel and Ether-1 are officially announcing they have come together to form the Blockchain Privacy, Security & Adoption Alliance (BPSAA).

The BPSAA is formed to unite dedicated, high quality teams, each with their unique technological or advocacy expertise. According to Founder and Pirate Chain captain Draeth: “All members are bound by the belief that cross-platform interoperability between projects will create value and exciting new innovative cross-chain fintech solutions.”

Members of the BPSAA are driven by a common ethos: interoperability & innovation through collaboration. They are setting the standard for blockchain collaboration and innovation by onboarding other projects with a strong vision and real-life usage potential. The alliance helps to further and expand every member’s voice and capabilities.

Each member provides a unique role and has their specialization within the Alliance. In essence, this provides a well-rounded foundation with a wide range of skills and tools.

“All members are bound by the belief that cross-platform interoperability between projects will create value and exciting new innovative cross-chain fintech solutions.”

Pirate Chain


“Pirate Chain is a 100% private send cryptocurrency thatutilizes ZK-Snarks to shield it’s transactions. Backed by Komodo’s DelayedProof of Work, it is considered the most anonymous and secure cryptocurrency inthe world.​”

Turtle Network


“TurtleNetwork is a highly scalable smart contracts platformwith a peer to peer dex. Using Bitcoin-NG as its consensus mechanism for someof the fastest and safest block settlement, TurtleNetwork is ready to scale toenterprise levels”



“Ether-1 is a community governance driven service node cryptoecosystem which provides a highly resilient, decentrally focused content andwebsite hosting network. The project’s motto is #DecentralizeEverything,including all aspects of operations.”



“Sentinel is a multi-protocol network where users andapplications can access a global distributed services and resourcesmarketplace, built upon a decentralized global infrastructure withpseudonymity, immutability and global consensus”

The BPSAA has an application form for other interested projects wanting to join the alliance. A wide range of benefits of becoming a member in the alliance include:

  1. A common forumof developers to help provide technical and integration assistance
  2. A group thinktank to provide ideas for new solutions and developments, co-marketing effortsto increase the visibility for every member
  3. The ability tovote to onboard more projects.

Another noteworthy point is that there are no membership fees or dues whatsoever. The BPSAA plans to accept applicants periodically, as to build a solid foundation with whomever is onboarded. The alliance aims to lead by example on innovation and cooperation within blockchain and being a massive voice for the industry.

About the BPSAA

The BPSAA is an organization that unites high quality teams for cross-platform cooperation and the development of new innovative fintech solutions. The common ethos of the BPSAA is: interoperability amongst all and setting a new standard for blockchain collaboration and innovation.

Twitter: @BPSA_Alliance

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