New Member Announcement: Dragonchain


Dragonchain Joins BPSAA as New Alliance Member

The Blockchain Privacy and Security Adoption Alliance (BPSAA) is thrilled to announce Dragonchain as its newest member. Dragonchain becomes the eighth blockchain project to join the BPSAA think tank.

Dragonchain was first incorporated as the Disney Private Blockchain Platform. Dragonchain was incubated at Disney’s Seattle offices in 2014. The resulting code was made available as open source in 2016 and the project launched as an ICO in 2017.

About Dragonchain

Dragonchain offers blockchain services (BaaS) that focus on security and scalability. It provides a frictionless transition for companies entering the blockchain industry through the provision of BaaS. The system was designed by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and highly skilled developers. Dragonchain enables businesses to build and deploy their own blockchains within minutes. Both for public or private use. As a huge added benefit, clients do no have to change their existing software infrastructure.

Dragonchain was specifically designed to provide a seamless integration into existing business workflows. To achieve this, it has developed a highly flexible blockchain solution.

As a robust open source hybrid blockchain platform that has proven to withstand the passing of time since the inception back in 2014, the team has continued to innovate. This led to efforts to harness the scalability of private nodes, taking full advantage of the security of public decentralized networks, like Ethereum.

A live, operational, and fully functional Interchain network integrating Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and almost another 700 independent Dragonchain nodes. Every Dragonchain transaction is secured to Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Ethereum Classic as an extra security step.

Dragonchain, amongst other things, specializes in decentralized proof, decentralized identity and learning management systems. Utilising smart contracts that can be written in any executable language and offering added freedom for developers to develop amazing applications.

The core goals of the Dragonchain team

  • To increase the level of ease for integration with existing systems
  • To increase the level of ease for development by traditional engineers and programmers who are not familiar with blockchain technology, distributed systems, and cryptography. This is achieved via the use of advanced smart contracts
  • To build a completely modular architecture (flexible to expand its usage for future applications)
  • To standardize the protection of private business data
  • To be truly currency agnostic with multi­currency support

The Dragonchain ecosystem has 3 core parts. The Blockchain, the Academy and the Dragonchain Foundation. The Academy provides training frameworks for students to develop skills based on individual needs and level of experience. The Foundation is a non-profit organisation that safeguards the ownership, responsibility, and maintenance of the Dragonchain codebase. The Foundation also provides education, cryptocurrency advocacy, and supports efforts for wider public adoption of the blockchain space.

Dragonchain in the BPSAA

The BPSAA is a think tank that promotes the values of privacy, security, interoperability and collaboration in the blockchain space. The founding members, Pirate Chain, Turtle Network, Sentinel and Ether-1 established the organization based on a shared desire to collaboratively improve the blockchain ecosystem.

Dragonchain joins all other members including Ergo, Komodo and Burstcoin in an ever growing list of unique blockchain projects. In addition to the increased brain trust, intangible benefits to alliance members include shared resources and know-how. There are numerous mutual benefits that follow Dragonchain’s addition. Dragonchain has a strong interest in privacy and interoperability which are both key values for the BPSAA. Secondly, Dragonchain’s experience in enterprise solutions will be greatly beneficial to all members of the alliance.

The Power of the Alliance is growing

As an added benefit, the combined social media reach of all BPSAA members now totals 317,000 strengthening the united voice of the BPSAA.

Find out more about the members of the BPSAA here:

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