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Komodo is an open, open source multi-chain platform that allows anyone to build their own customized asset chain. Founded by James Lee (JL777), the Komodo team has been consistently recognized as being innovative and a pioneer of multi-chain architecture in blockchain, with their roots dating back as early as 2014.

Komodo’s focus is on providing secure, scale-able, adaptable and interoperable business-friendly solutions in blockchain. They developed the Antara framework, which is a technology suite htat offers end-to-end blockchain development tools, which includes a customizable, application-specific Smar Chain, complete with a library of built-in modules for building blockchain-based aplications and an open API. They have also been developting Atomic Swap technology (dubbed the AtomicDex) to provide a way to exchange assets without the need of a middle man. This allows for trustless exchanges, giving users the freedom to exchange assets without the worry of the middleman or the other user potentially stealing any funds.

Komodo has also developed a security measure for proof a work called “Delayed Proof of Work” (dPoW), which protects it’s chain from 51% attacks by notarizing it’s blocks on to the bitcoin blockchain. This technology is available to it’s asset chains as well, which get notorized onto Komodo’s blockchain, creating a massive layer of security for any smaller chains.

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Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW), Atomic Swaps, Multi-Chain

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