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Handshake is a community-run blockchain protocol decentralizing the DNS root zone (to decentralize control of top-level domain names) with the goal of replacing Certificate Authorities (to rehaul Internet security and privacy).

When you attempt to visit a website like https://bpsaa.vision/, your browser will first need to figure out how to get to .vision’s servers. To find .vision, your browser consults something called the root zone file. This root zone file is controlled by a single entity called ICANN, who alone dictates whether you’re allowed to have a top-level domain. So if you wanted to get .yourname, you’d need to submit an application and pay a fee for ICANN to review your request. What this means is, the entire Internet Domain Name System that everyone uses around the world is effectively controlled at its core by a single organization, ICANN.

Handshake changes this by moving the root zone file onto a decentralized blockchain that nobody controls, so anyone can get a top-level domain. Handshake names are minted through auctions to the highest bidder, which means the cost to mint any given Handshake name is purely market-driven. Furthermore, the winning bid for each auction isn’t paid to anyone and is instead burned. Handshake names are private and uncensorable top-level domains that anyone can own.

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