Firo Joins The BPSAA

The Blockchain Privacy, Security and Adoption Alliance (BPSAA) is excited to announce Firo as its newest member. It is the 11th project to join the fast-growing BPSAA think tank.

Advancing Privacy Technology

Firo (FIRO) is a privacy-preserving cryptocurrency and ecosystem. Firo is at the forefront of cryptocurrency privacy with Lelantus and Lelantus Spark providing trustless, on-chain privacy with high anonymity sets. Firo employs Dandelion++ for network layer privacy and has hybrid PoW and LLMQ Chainlocks which combines fair distribution of supply with protection against 51% attacks and quick finality of blocks and transactions.

Firo’s Elysium is a tokenization layer that allows users to create their own privacy-enabled tokens with use cases from private stablecoins – voting tokens – all the way to privacy for bridged assets from other chains, making an extremely versatile privacy coin.

Learn more about Firo on their member page here.

About the BPSAA

The BPSAA is at its core, a think tank of blockchain projects. The founding members, Pirate Chain, Turtle Network, Sentinel and Ether-1 established the alliance based on a shared desire to collaboratively improve the blockchain ecosystem.Firo joins a great selection of exciting new members including Ergo, Komodo, Signum, BitTube, DragonChain, Handshake and Conceal. In addition to the increased brain power, there are numerous mutual benefits with the new addition.

Firo has been developing and furthering technology in the privacy sector, which is one of the core values of the BPSAA. The project’s experience in the development of privacy focused tools and services will be greatly beneficial to all members of the alliance. As an added benefit, the addition of Firo and the rest of the BPSAA member’s social media reach continue to climb, with over 600,000 followers across all social networks. This is strengthening the united voice of the BPSAA and continually diversifies it’s capabilities, providing a bright future for not only the members of the BPSAA, but everyone involved in blockchain.

Find out more about the members of the BPSAA.

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