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Etho Protocol is an Ethereum based blockchain that integrates PoW and a 3 tier masternode system to secure the network. Ether-1 uses the collective power of numerous masternodes to power ethoFS, a hosting platform that delivers decentralized content on-demand.

ethoFS is a fully decentralized, 100% community stakeholder operated, hosting platform that combines blockchain indexing technology and the IPFS protocol to deliver decentralized, DDoS resistant, highly replicated, censorship resistant, community provided content on-demand. Users can interface with the ethoFS network through variety of methods, including an innovative instantaneous browser based node, enabling them to drag and drop content they wish to deploy and index on the blockchain. The browser based node automatically uploads and replicates the content to the entire network. The ethoFS system is a fully functioning website hosting solution utilizing the node network for storage and bandwidth. Masternode owners are paid via a block reward, and receive a share of the profit generated by hosting fees, an innovative method for node owners to take ownership in offering network functinality and security.

ethoFS is 100% immutable. ONLY YOU can terminate your hosting contract OR remove your content. The only time your content is removed is when your hosting contract expires. No one can access your ethoFS account as it is linked to your ETHO wallet’s private key. The only method a person can access your uploaded data is if you provide them with your unique ethoFS link. The Etho Protocol Team and community are extremely active and able to provide support around the clock. Even when there are no team members readily available, there is always a community member delighted to help!

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Max Supply: None; >4% inflation after block 10MM




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