BPSAA Webinar Hosted By Komodo

BPSAA Webinar by Komodo Platform

BPSAA Webinar

BPSAA member Komodo platform hosted a webinar that included all the members of the BPSAA discussing various matters and presenting their projects. Whilst there have been a few other interviews with the BPSAA, this is the latest and most comprehensive to date.

The members that appeared are: Pirate Chain, Ergo, Ether-1, TurtleNetwork, Burst, Dragonchain, BitTube, Sentinel and Komodo Platform.

Watch Now

Check out all the information on the Komodo Platform website https://komodoplatform.com/en/events/bpsaa-webinar.html and watch the webinar below.

About Komodo Platform

Komodo (previously known as Supernet) is a blockchain platform that allows the creation of independent smart chains. Komodo is also the creator of AtomicDEX, a decentralized non-custodial wallet and swap platform for a variety of cryptocurrencies.


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