The idea for Blockchain Privacy, Security & Adoption Alliance (BPSAA) originated from a private chat between several members of Pirate Chain (Draeth, Lootz, Wookie, +DreamTim, Ph0enix and Cryptofist) and Wolf from Turtle Network. While partnerships in crypto and blockchain are often overstated and underutilized, BPSAA is driven by a desire for perpetual dynamic collaboration. Our alliance will facilitate the integration of novel technologies and developments, translating into high-demand products and services for the fintech space. Thus the partnership of Pirate Chain, Turtle Network, Sentinel and Etho Protocol was solidified with the formation of the BPSAA.


BPSAA serves to educate the public on privacy and security in blockchain, as well as unite dedicated, high quality teams, each with unique expertise and bound by the fervent belief that cross-platform cooperation between projects will synergistically offer value-added features to the development of new fintech solutions. Members of BPSAA are driven by a common ethos: interoperability amongst all. We set the standard for blockchain collaboration and innovation.


Membership to the BPSAA is by admission. There is no fee for applying or joining as a member. As associates of the alliance, members will enjoy a myriad of benefits including:

  • Creating interoperability among all members tech, products and services in the alliance
  • A common forum of developers from all member projects providing technical assistance
  • Avenues for accelerated collaboration
  • A shared expert testing panel with the goal of raising the quality and security of alliance projects
  • Co-marketing efforts to increase visibility of member projects’ updates and developments
  • Recognition as a high quality project with massive potential, as well as a solid team and community
  • Governance via the Alliance Council: Potential new member projects are reviewed via the application process. If the project meets our standards and criteria, the project is then voted on by the Alliance Council (comprised of member project heads). If approved, the project is notified and begins the onboarding process

Governance by the Alliance Council

The Alliance Council is comprised of member project heads. The Council serves the following roles:

  • Potential new member projects are scouted by alliance members and proposed to the Alliance Council if they meet the predetermined criteria. Once proposed, the Alliance Council will discuss and vote on inclusion of the proposed member
  • Voting of new alliance endeavors
  • Absolutely no fees/dues for joining or being in the alliance