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Our Mission

The Blockchain Privacy, Security & Adoption Alliance (BPSAA) sets the standard for collaboration and the products and services produced. We create solutions that allow us to accomplish our personal project goals, as well as create interoperability between our ecosystem’s products and services

Member Benefits

Members of the BPSAA receive a multitude of benefits, including the integration of their technologies into various members products and services, development assistance, co-marketing, a larger spotlight on their development, recognition as being a quality and sound project and much more.

Core Values


Without privacy, there is no freedom! The members of our alliance take user privacy very, very seriously. With any product or service developed, privacy is always kept in mind.


This is what allows people to use a product or service without the fear of their information being compromised. A product or service without security is virtually useless to everyone.


Adoption is a continuous process and it’s in our members minds when creating everything, keeping in account ease of use, dependability, target market and more.


Vires In Numeris. Having specialized projects collaborating and implementing their tech in various products and services is a formula for success.

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